Your cupboards are overflowing with Tupperware containers with missing lids, boxes are stacked up in the hallway, dirty laundry is piled in all four corners of the room and the closet can’t close from all the unused items pushed into it. 

Sound a little too familiar?

Clutter is an issue that can affect your health, make you less productive, increase anxiety and depression, cause unnecessary stress and impact your sleep. 

It’s no secret that our physical environment impacts how we feel, what we think and even our relationships with others. Our brains love order, and the visual distraction of clutter drains our cognitive resources, reduces our ability to focus and can even negatively impact our memory.

Neuroscience researchers found that clearing clutter at home or work resulted in a better ability to focus and process information and increased productivity. This is because aside from the mental aspect of it, clutter makes it hard to find what we need and to get things done. 

You might see your clutter problem as something unsolvable, but we at Five Star Clutter Removal don’t. Our goal isn’t just to remove your clutter but to give you your life back. 

When you choose Five Star Clutter Removal you’re getting a team that will make removing your clutter as quick and stress-free as possible. We understand how important fast and friendly service is, so we make sure the job is done swiftly. Our team even hauls away the unwanted items to leave a clean and organized space. 

Once we’re done removing the clutter from your space, you can remove the clutter from your mind and get your life back. We believe that an organized and neat space leads to an organized and neat mind with the ability to achieve anything!

At Five Star Clutter Removal, we understand that every customer’s needs are different and each project is unique. Get in touch with us today by calling us at 315-952-5280 or using the contact form here